mesenchymal stem cells

Stem cells and sports medicine: an overview

Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies hold much promise for the treatment of various injuries and diseases suffered by sportspeople. While there are currently no approved stem cell treatments, researchers are working on harnessing the process by which stem cells repair and replace damaged tissues and cells.

Stem cells in the commercial world: An interview with Stephen Elliman

A lot of stem cell research happens in universities and other academic centres, but companies will play an increasing role as research progresses towards new medical applications. To get a flavour of how small companies are getting involved with cell therapy research and the challenges they face, meet Stephen Elliman, Head of Research and Development at Orbsen Therapeutics. Our partners have spoken to Steve and you can read and watch on film some of the things he told us.

Scientists raise alarm as Italian Government rules on unproven stem cell therapy

An unproven stem cell therapy has taken centre stage in Italy after patients successfully lobbied the Italian government to allow its use in public hospitals. The highly controversial and untested procedure was created by the privately owned Stamina Foundation, but blocked by the Italian Medicine's Agency, AIFA. Last week's decision by the Ministry of Health to override AIFA's block has horrified Italy's leading stem cell scientists. In a letter to the Ministry, they describe the decision as providing "a dangerous short circuit between patients' hopes and lucrative commercial practices" of organisations operating outside the "scientific and moral foundations" of medicine.

Mikey Creane: stem cell researcher in Galway

This is part 1 of REMEDI scientist Mikey Creane's guest blog for EuroStemCell. Read Mikey's other posts.

My name is Mikey Creane and I am currently a PhD student working at the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) in the National University of Ireland Galway. I have volunteered to write this blog  “A Day In The Life Of A Stem Cell Researcher" as I thought it would be interesting to convey to both scientists and non scientists what it is like to be part of the world of stem cell research. This blog could not have come at a more perfect time considering the winners of the 2012 Nobel prize for medicine were two stem cell researchers

Mesenchymal stem cells: the 'other' bone marrow stem cells

Last updated:
5 Nov 2015

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can make several types of cells belonging to our skeletal tissues, such as cartilage, bone and fat. Scientists are investigating how MSCs might be used to treat bone and cartilage diseases. Some MSC research is also exploring therapies for other diseases, but the scientific basis for these applications has not yet been established or widely accepted.

Interview with Karen English: where cell biology and immunology meet

Karen is a post doctoral researcher in the lab of Prof. Kathryn Wood at the University of Oxford. Karen’s work contributes to the EC-funded project OptiStem. We caught up with Karen at the project’s 2011 annual meeting.

The Biotechnology Revolution: Can we cure with cells?

Take a trip to Montpellier to discover how scientists are working on an arthritis treatment to create a cure using MSCs, one type of adult stem cell. This short film is also available in Catalan.
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