Dublin school captures top prize at 2014 Debating Science Issues All-Ireland Finals

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) played host to the 2014 Debating Science Issues (DSI) All-Ireland Finals last Thursday. St Joseph's Secondary CBS, Fairview from Dublin emerged as eventual winners of the competition.

Andrea Grignolio reflects on the success of UniStem Day 2014

UniStem 2014UniStem 2014Andrea Grignolio, Professor of History of Medicine, University of Rome “La Sapienza” and member of the Senate Office of Elena Cattaneo reflects on the successes of UniStem 2014.

UniStem Day 2014 - March 14th, 9AM Europe united by science

The long and fascinating trip of stem cell research … coming soon!

UniStem Day 2014 once again dissolves the boundaries of stem cell knowledge and spreads it across Europe. The event will be happening simultaneously in Italy, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and UK.

UniStem Day aims to foster learning, discovery and debate about stem cell research – building and strengthening knowledge. The event will give participants experiences connected to research, explore cultural expectations and give insight into the day-to-day life of scientists.

The 6th edition will be even larger with 45 universities and 20,000 high school students and more than 250 researchers, managers, communicators, ethicists, clinicians, technicians and many others learning more about and discussing cutting edge stem cell research, in a day entirely dedicated to high school students.

Stammzelltherapien und Ethik: Diskussion & Lektion

Last updated:
21 Jan 2013

Eine Lektion für 12-14 Jährige über ethische und soziale Dilemmas im Umgang mit neuen Stammzelltherapien.

Wer sollte lebensverändernde neue Behandlungen erhalten? Wann sollten Patienten experimentelle Behandlungen erhalten? Wie bewerten wir Risiken und Nutzen? Und wer entscheidet?

Australian screenings of stem cell film spark school students' imagination

During October, over 450 Australian high school students and their teachers attending five screenings of the award-winning documentary Stem Cell Revolutions in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, organised by Stem Cells Australia and EuroStemCell.

At each screening, students had the opportunity to have their questions about stem cells and careers in science answered by Clare Blackburn, EuroStemCell's project coordinator and co-producer of the film, as well as a panel of local stem cell experts.



"Regeneration is a swift but volcanic experience, a sort of violent biological eruption in which the body cells are displaced, changed, renewed and rearranged."

- Doctor Who



Cure a base di cellule staminali ed etica: una lezione-dibattito

Last updated:
21 Jan 2013

Una lezione condotta attraverso discussioni per 12-14enni sui dilemmi etici e sociali relativi all'uso delle nuove cure a base di cellule staminali.

A chi dovrebbero essere consentite le nuove cure 'cambia-vita'? Quando ai pazienti dovrebbero essere somministrate cure sperimentali? Come possiamo valutare i rischi e i benefici? E chi decide?

Schools pack now available in print

Our All about stem cells activity pack is now available to order in print!

Suitable for use with 16+ year olds, the pack contains a set of activity cards, an activity guide with lesson plan and a question card for students. Read on to find out more about the materials and how to order.




Stem cell toolkit gets a facelift

Our toolkit of downloadable stem cell resources and activities has been growing so fast it's getting hard to keep up with all the new additions. We launched with just five tools, but that number has since grown to 13 tools for teaching and talking about stem cells, in the classroom, science centre, open day, festival and other educational settings. 

We've had great feedback from teachers and others from around Europe:

“[The] toolkit web page ... is very easy to use. Everything appeals to me: not only the “surface”, icons and links, but also the contents are very useful and interesting.” Teacher, Italy


CSI: Cell science investigatore

Last updated:
20 Jul 2012

Ragazzi di 12-14 anni esplorano come possono essere utilizzate le cellule staminali al giorno d’oggi, e conducono un esperimento modello per individuare nuovi farmaci.

Questa lezione è stata realizzata per seguire Alla scoperta delle cellule staminali, attività che introduce le proprietà di base delle cellule staminali. Questa nuova lezione è già stata tenuta in 6 classi di studenti; adesso ci piacerebbe che foste voi ad utilizzarla. Lasciate un vostro commento qui sotto o contattateci per farci avere il vostro feedback

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