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Meeting in Mutantville

This dialogue based lesson includes a case study, 24 stakeholders' parts, an assessment rubric and poster building instructions to determine whether a stem cell research company should be granted a business license to operate.  Students take on roles of stakeholders or town council members. Prior background knowledge includes: stem cells, possible treatments using stem cells and stakeholders.


In this case study, a couple must decide what to do with unused frozen embryos from an in vitro fertilization procedure. Students form groups as stakeholders to discuss and present possible solutions.  Prior knowledge includes: what stem cells are, where embryonic stem cells come from, potential therapies using embryonic stem cells

EdHeads -Create a Stem Cell Line

In this web-based interactive animation, learn what a stem cell is and help our scientists 'create' a stem cell line! This resource includes a teachers' guide and glossary.

Jim and the Forgotten Embryos- A case study on a stem cell based therapy

The goal of this case study is to expose students to the basics of embryonic stem cells, their therapeutic uses, and the controversy surrounding embryonic stem cells through the story of a college student, Jim Allison, who becomes paralyzed after a car accident. Jim is approached by a team of doctors to participate in a study where patients are injected with embryonic stem cells in the hopes that these cells will regenerate damaged nerve cells. The case follows Jim and his family as they grapple with the decision of participating in a study that leads to the destruction of embryos.

Introducing Stem Cells- Power Point

  • Stem cell biology basics: For school students aged 16+, or adult audiences with little or no scientific knowledge
  • Cloning: Some slides suitable for 16+; more advanced slides for adult audiences
  • Stem cell biology in more detail: For informed non-specialist audiences, eg clinicians, scientists working in fields other than stem cell biology

Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Powerpoint

 This presentation was made by the Stem Cell Education Outreach Program (SCEOP) at UC Berkeley. The Stem Cell Education Outreach Program is part of a movement in and by California (the California Stem Cell Education Initiative) to incorporate stem cell topics into high school science classes. This notated presentation covers stem cell and regenerative medicine learning standards of the Advanced Placement Biology syllabus. ( PowerPoint for AP Biology or advanced biology classes).

Debating Science Issues: Stem cells Topic Guide

This balanced Topic Guide can be used as a discussion prompt or the basis to prepare to debate the statement: 'This house proposes that the potential benefits of using embryonic stem cells to develop new medical treatments mean we have a moral obligation to support this type of research.'  It highlights stakeholders, cloning, IVF, stem cell banks, ethical questions, facts and figures and regulation.  See www.debatingscienceissues for 5 additional biotechnology Topic Guides.

Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Quiz

This web-based, self-correcting quiz provides 27 multiple choice questions on stem cell research.

2.1 Cell Theory<<i-Biology

This thoughtful, teacher-created slide deck (42 slides) covers cell theory: functions of life, microscopy, units of measure, magnification, surface area: volume ratio, and slides 35-42 focus on stem cells.

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