Factsheets and interviews: new content strands

Over the past month, we've introduced two new content strands - part of the ongoing redevelopment of this website.

Factsheets are, as the name suggests, short factual summaries of key themes or concepts in stem cell research. They can be quickly read online, or printed to go.  Take a look at our first factsheet, on reprogramming, to find out more about induced pluripotent stem cells (or iPS cells) - including how they're made and how they might one day be used. 

We've also begun an occasional series of interviews with stem cell scientists.  Cedric Blanpain, who started out as a medical doctor and now leads a group studying the role of stem cells in cancer, is our first subject. 

We are, as always, interested in your feedback on these new content strands.  Do you like them?  What topics would you like to see covered?  Who would you like us to interview?  Leave your comments below, or contact us with suggestions.