The Stem Cell Dream: Edinburgh International Science Festival

Date of event/activity: 
13 Apr 2007
Estimated number of participants: 
ISCR, EuroStemCell
Organizer name: 
Ana Godinho, Kate Doherty

On arrival, audience members had the chance to read a mock news story about a biotechnology company’s application for a clinical trial using umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat Parkinson’s disease.

The audience were invited to vote on whether the trial should go ahead, based on the limited information they had received.

The panel then presented their views on the case presented, with the aid of clips from A Stem Cell Story and Conversations: Ethics, Science, Stem Cells, two films produced by EuroStemCell. A round of questions and answers and discussion with the audience followed.

Finally, the audience were invited to vote again on the trial.

Members of the audience also voted on how they had changed their votes, if at all, on their view on stem cell research and gave their feedback about the event itself.

The event was chaired by Quentin Cooper, journalist and presenter on BBC Radio, once described by The Times as 'the world's most enthusiastic man'.


82% of the audience would recommend this event to a friend. See full results of event evaluation.

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