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EuroStemCell toolkit

A growing set of downloadable, mix-and-match stem cell resources and activities suitable for a variety of educational settings. All components have been extensively tested, and come with full instructions.

Available in several European languages.

New website takes a closer look at stem cells

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) has launched a new website to help patients and their families make informed decisions about stem cell treatments, clinics and their health.

Stem Cells Australia's Megan Munsie, chairperson of the ISSCR task force responsible for the website expansion, describes the revamped site as “a direct channel from researchers to the public.”

Scientists taking a stand

When scientists speak up for science, it can be a powerful thing indeed. We regularly observe this - in the direct interactions between scientists and school pupils or patient groups, for example, that are part of our public engagement and outreach work - but it also applies on the wider political stage.

Making insulin producing beta cells from stem cells – how close are we?

The unseen world: Insulin-producing cells made from human embryonic stem cellsThe unseen world: Insulin-producing cells made from human embryonic stem cells

Two recent studies have revealed for the first time how to to generate insulin producing cells, that resemble normal beta cells, in the lab from human pluripotent stem cells. This provides a step forward for a potential cell therapy treatment for diabetes. But how alike are these cells to the beta cells found in our bodies? How close are we to testing these cells in diabetics? And what other questions still remain? In this commentary, Henrik Semb tackles these questions providing perspective in this complex and challenging field.

Investigación y terapia con células madre: tipos de células madre y sus aplicaciones actuales

Last updated:
17 Aug 2012

La investigación con células madre es un tema de actualidad en los medios de comunicación; o bien por sus nuevas aplicaciones terapéuticas o bien por los polémicos debates respecto al tipo celular usado. ¿Pero cuál es el auténtico potencial de las células madre detrás de todos estos titulares? ¿Son realmente buenas herramientas para la investigación y para la terapia celular? ¿Cuáles son las ventajas y las limitaciones del uso de diferentes tipos celulares en distintas aplicaciones?

Stammzellforschung und -therapie: Stammzelltypen und ihre derzeitige Verwendung

Last updated:
17 Aug 2012

Die Stammzellforschung taucht häufig in den Nachrichten auf, sei es aufgrund von Behauptungen über neue Therapien oder wegen Debatten über die Art der verwendeten Zellen. Was steckt hinter den Schlagzeilen – welches Potenzial haben Stammzellen wirklich? Wie wertvoll sind sie für die Forschung und die Entwicklung von Therapien? Welche Vorteile haben verschiedene Stammzelltypen für verschiedene Arten der Verwendung und welche Einschränkungen gibt es jeweils?

New study raises doubts over the benefits of heart stem cell therapy


Numerous clinical trials have attempted to test the benefits of using a patient’s own stem cells (taken from the bone marrow) to treat heart disease. Results have been conflicting; some claim significant improvements in heart function, whilst others report none at all. A group at Imperial College London investigated the possible reasons for this inconsistency and found strange, unexplained discrepancies within reports of many of the clinical trials. They have identified a link between claimed success rates and discrepancies, casting doubts over the validity of this treatment.

- 133 reports of 49 clinical trials were investigated
- 600+ discrepancies were found
- Discrepancies ranged from minor to serious mistakes and misrepresentation of data
- Reports with the most discrepancies claimed most benefit to patients, while those without discrepancies showed no improvement in patients’ conditions 

Badania nad komórkami macierzystymi i leczenie z ich wykorzystaniem: rodzaje komórek macierzystych i ich zastosowanie

Last updated:
17 Aug 2012

Temat badań nad komórkami macierzystymi często pojawia się w wiadomościach; czasem są to informacje o nowych terapiach, a czasem kontrowersje wokół rodzaju stosowanych komórek macierzystych. Jaki jest prawdziwy potencjał komórek macierzystych? Czy są one wartościowymi narzędziami badawczymi i  terapeutycznymi? Jakie są zalety i ograniczenia poszczególnych rodzajów komórek?  

New centre licenced to manufacture stem cells for human use opens in Galway

The Centre for Cell Manufacturing Ireland (CCMI) is set to launch today at the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI), National University of Ireland, Galway. It is the first facility in Ireland to receive a licence from the Irish Medicines Board to manufacture expanded stem cells for human use, and one of only five of its kind in Europe.

Wie Stammzelltherapien zum Patienten kommen: die Rolle der Kommerzialisierung

Last updated:
15 Jan 2013

Die Entwicklung einer neuen Therapie gegen eine Krankheit ist ein langer und komplexer Vorgang. Er erfordert sehr viel Forschung im Labor, aber damit aus dieser Forschung eine Therapie entsteht, die am Patienten angewendet werden kann, sind noch viele weitere Schritte nötig. Wirtschaftsunternehmen spielen bei diesem Prozess eine Schlüsselrolle.

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