Embryonic stem cells

Fact sheets, FAQ, news and resources about embryonic stem cells.

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Realizing the potential of embryonic stem cells: how far have we come?

Thirteen years after the first report of human embryonic stem cells, what have we learnt about them and what hurdles still remain to be overcome?

Do we still need research on human embryonic stem cells?

Can induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells replace human embryonic stem (hES) cells? One day this may be the case, but for the foreseeable future, side-by-side research on both types of stem cell is needed.

Embryonic stem cells on film

What are stem cells, where do they come from, and how much do we really know about them? Watch A stem cell story to find out.

Are embryos persons? An extract from Conversations: ethics, science, stem cells.

What are embryonic stem cells? 1-min animated video.

Teaching about embryonic stem cells?

Our stem cell toolkit and directory of stem cell resources include films, lesson plans and activities on the science and ethics of embryonic stem cell research.