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EuroStemCell toolkit

A growing set of downloadable, mix-and-match stem cell resources and activities suitable for a variety of educational settings. All components have been extensively tested, and come with full instructions.

Available in several European languages.

ISSCR: a closer look at stem cell treatments

Helps patients evaluate stem cell treatments

Stem cells / Cell therapy cartoon

Small and simple cartoon about Stem cells for kids. The cartoon describes what are stem cells. What types of stem cells exist and what are their properties. 

Unfolding Organogenesis

Download the full origami guide to Unfolding Organogenesis.

Stem Cells and Diabetes

This resource looks at how stem cell research is moving towards a therapy for diabetes and uses case studies of real scientific data to exemplify current work in the field. The resource also highlights the inter-disciplinary, collaborative and international flavour of contemporary biomedical science as it introduces a European project called ‘HumEn’ whose aim is to produce functional Beta cells in the lab that could be used as a treatment for diabetes.

A Stem Cell Adventure

This comic book, originally published in Portuguese and now also available in English, aims to transmit basic concepts related to stem cells, their properties and possible uses, and also to note what distinct roadblocks in widespread uses might be.

Carlo and the Orange Glasses

Carlo is on an adventure to get his best cycling time ever, but finds himself in a bit of a pickle. Thanks to the ‘Zoom 3000’ glasses Carlo finds himself a new path, the road to science. This book is intended for children aged 8-10 years, and introduces the readers to our immune system and the healing processes that we undergo following an injury.

GSCN video: Andreas Trumpp (EN)

In this short video by the German Stem Cell Network, scientist Andreas Trumpp talks about his research on cancer stem cells.

In German, dubbed into English.

GSCN video: Anthony D. Ho (EN)

Anthony D. Ho has focused on blood stem cells in his research for the past thirty years and continues to push therapeutic possibilities in the fields of leukemia and lymphoma. In this video by the German Stem Cell Network he talks about his work.

In German, dubbed into English

GSCN video: Magdalena Götz (EN)

Magdalena Götz from the Helmholtz Zentrum München is a leading researcher in the field of neuronal stem cells.

In this video, produced by the German Stem Cell Network, she talks about her work. In German, dubbed into English.

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