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Teachers' Domain: Bioethics Classroom Debate

In this classroom-practice video created for Teachers' Domain Professional Development, high school teacher Cherilee Lewis leads a classroom discussion on bioethics. Students present and discuss a range of issues, including a medical practitioner's obligation to keep a terminally ill patient alive, stem cell therapies, in-vitro fertilization, and genetically modified foods.

Teachers' Domain: Therapeutic Uses of Stem Cells

In this interactive activity adapted from the HHMI Outreach Program at Harvard University, learn about the ways in which stem cells can be used to treat and help cure diseases in humans. The activity explains what stem cells are and how they're produced, and provides details on their existing or potential therapeutic role in diseases related to the pancreas, liver, lungs, and bone marrow.

Edheads: Heart repair

Edheads provides free, educational online games focused on science, math, and critical thinking.  Visit the website and 'Choose an Activity'.  The three stem cell activities include: create a stem cell line, heart repair and transplant.  Activities include a Teacher's Guide and Glossary.

The Biotechnology Revolution: Can we cure with cells?

Take a trip to Montpellier to discover how scientists are working on an arthritis treatment to create a cure using MSCs, one type of adult stem cell. This short film is also available in Catalan.

What is a stem cell? board game

Through this game, players should be able to:

a. define the term stem cell

b. explain the term differentiation

c. define how stem cells are cultured and discuss the potential benefits of stem cell technology.

I'm a Scientist- Stem cell debate kit

This stem cell debate kit includes character cards, a lesson plan, further resources, and curriculum links.  Learn:

• What are stem cells and what might they be used for in the future? • What ethical issues do stem cell treatments raise? • Using data to draw conclusions • Societal aspects of scientific evidence • Developing an argument

Stem cells- science and ethics - BBSCR

This popular booklet has been revised to include up-to-date science together with consideration of the legal and ethical issues of research using stem cells.

Designed primarily for post-16 students to use themselves, the resource also contains classroom activities.

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