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Cancer stem cells- hope for the future?

This article puts forward the current theory that there are cancer stem cells in much the same way as there are other stem cells. The article could make a good basis for a general discussion of the topic of cancer, including cancer research and treatments, diagnosis and survival rates. Why are some cancers more treatable than others?

About cancer stem cells

Introduction to cancer stem cells in a Q&A format. 

Stem Cell Research

In this activity, students learn how cell specialization takes place in vertebrate embryos. They begin by exploring a gallery of different kinds of specialized cells. They also explore how white blood cells are specialized to fight viruses. They learn about the role of master control genes in cell development. Finally, they learn about the significance of -- and controversy surrounding -- stem cell research, and then analyze the different points of view in the stem cell debate.

Saving Superman- A Case Study

Using a combination of directed case method and role-playing in which students learn about their roles using the jigsaw technique, this case study teaches about the main concepts of stem cell research and therapy and the political and ethical issues surrounding these subjects. The case begins by describing the riding accident that left actor Christopher Reeve paralyzed and ends by posing a final open-ended question that encourages student debate and discussion. The case can be used in a general biology class, an ethics class, or a public policy class.

In Vitro: She Changed the World Forever

The film In Vitro, set thirty years in the future, is about 3 generations of women and the effects that a maverick scientific experiment has on their lives. This resource includes an 18 minute film, lesson plans and additional resources to foster dialogue and discussion.

A Hard Sell on Stem Cells?

Students learn about new techniques scientists have devised to derive embryonic stem cells in mice. They then work in groups to explore and report on different types of stem cells used in research today, including embryonic, fetal, umbilical, and adult.

Life Sciences Learning Center: 4 Stem Cell Biology lessons

Register with your email address. Search ‘stem cell’. Student & Teacher guides in pdf and Word.

  • Stem Cells & Cancer: Compare normal and cancer stem cells, design an experiment to determine whether a fictitious cancer drug is safe and effective
  • Short lesson: Use active reading strategies to learn about stem cells. Use simulated growth factors and stem cells to produce differentiated cells to treat diseases
  • Extended lesson: Introduce concepts and issues associated with stem cell research: surveys, slide show, models, simulated gene expression studies, cell differentiation techniques
  • The Adventures of Cryptic Ron: Take a whimsical, engaging approach to learning: plant tissue culture, simulated DNA fingerprinting, simulated growth factors to direct stem cell differentiation, gene expression studies, videos, slide show.

NHS Clinical Trials Database

includes searchable database, articles and information


clinical trials database

Patients Like Me

patient social network: includes clinical trials matching tool
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