5th Advances in Stem Cell Biology Course, Institut Pasteur

26 Giugno 2017 - 07 Luglio 2017
Paris , Francia

Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Copenhagen Summer University: Stem Cells – basic concepts, disease modelling and lasting therapies

21 Agosto 2017 - 25 Agosto 2017
Copenhagen , Danimarca

Embryonic and patient-derived stem cells are extremely versatile and widely applicable in biomedical research and regenerative medicine.

REGISTRATION: Hydra XIII Summer School on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

10 Settembre 2017 - 17 Settembre 2017
Greece , EU

Application is now opened for the Hydra XIII Summer School (10-17th September 2017)!

5th Annual Conference of the German Stem Cell Network (GSCN

11 Settembre 2017 - 13 Settembre 2017
Jena , Germania

GSCN Conference

14th International Symposium on Neural Transplantation and Repair (INTR)

13 Novembre 2017 - 16 Novembre 2017
Port Douglas, Queensland , Australia

The INTR meetings have been held every 2-3 years bring together an international community of basic scientists and clinicians sharing a common interest in central nervous system development and rep