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Eight tiny organs grown by scientists

On the 20th of July researchers at the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine announced that they have regrown damaged livers in mice. It’s just one example of scientists growing tiny versions of organs in animals and in the lab to study development and disease, and test potential treatments. Many of these organs also represent the first steps towards growing whole organs – or parts of organs – for transplant. MRC Science Writer Cara Steger rounds up progress.

Reflections on Stockholm: Tissue Engineering, Organ Development and Regeneration

Prospective PhD student Eilidh Livingston discusses her personal highlight - tissue engineering - from the international Society for Stem Cell Research's annual meeting in Stockholm in June this year.  Read on for a nice overview of the topic...

Regulation of unproven stem cell therapies – medicinal product or medical procedure?

This article is the second in a series of posts about unproven stem cell treatments by guest authors Casimir MacGregor, Alan Petersen and Megan Munsie. Their first post took a closer look at Germany's X-Cell Center and stem cell tourism. Here they consider the regulatory frameworks governing unproven stem cell treatments in Europe, the US and Australia.

An innovative French collaboration network on stem cell research

EuroStemCell is a made of a large partnership of stem cell research centres and institutions from all over Europe.  Over the next few months we hope to introduce you to some of our partners and the initiatives they are working on.  This month we focus on a research consortium - LABEX Revive - which is co-ordinated by the Institut Pasteur.

Stem cell research: promise, progress and hype

The melting pot of expectations, hope, responsibility, idealism and realism in the field of stem cell research were the subject of a panel discussion for media representatives at the recent ISSCR Conference in Stockholm titled “Stem cell research: promise, progress and hype".

Interview with Austin Smith on The Node

We always enjoy meeting the scientists behind the science, and hearing their stories of research. Last month we profiled interviews with Juergen Knoblich and Hans Clevers. This month Catarina Vicente, of Development and The Node, has published an interview with another EuroStemCell partner and originator, Austin Smith.

ISSCR 2015: A short round up

EuroStemCell is just back from a fantastic few days at the ISSCR Annual Meeting in Stockholm (24-27 June 2015).  See our storify about the event for some selected highlights from the meeting and links to others who have written about the event.

An evening of stem cell science in Stockholm

“It has been fantastic, the public is very curious and wants to know what we are doing…it has been a pleasure. People are really genuinely interested in what we can offer as a stem cell community ”.  So explained researcher Susana Chuva de Sousa Lopez, Leiden University Medical Centre, following a lively public event in Stockholm at Karolinksa Institutet’s beautiful Aula Medica on the 23rd of June. The event involved stem cell researchers from all over Europe and the US and was held to mark the start of the ISSCR’s annual meeting in Stockholm (#ISSCR2015).

DanStem and Niels Bohr Institute Open New Centre - StemPhys

The opening of an innovative new centre - the Danish National Research Foundation Center for Stem Cell Decision Making - Stemphys has been celebrated with a two day symposium. The new StemPhys Center joins forces between theoretical and experimental physicists at the Niels Bohr Institute and Stem Cell Biologists from The Danish Stem Cell Center, DanStem. Joshua Brickman, vice centre leader discusses this new collaboration below.

Hans Clevers Awarded McEwen Award for Innovation at ISSCR 2015

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) has presented EuroStemCell partner Hans Clevers with the McEwen Award for Innovation at the opening of its annual meeting, today (24 June) in Stockholm, Sweden.

The prizes awarded by ISSCR in 2015 are:

McEwen Award for Innovation: Irving Weissman, M.D., Stanford School of Medicine, and Hans Clevers, M.D., Ph.D., Hubrecht Institute

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