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#AStemCellScientistBecause and Stem Cell Awareness Day 2015

October is a busy and exciting month in the stem cell world. As well as lots of great events - check out our events calendar to find out what's on - Stem Cell Awareness Day arrives in the middle of the month, on 14 October. There's more information about the day on the CIRM website, and we encourage scientists on social media to share what their #stemcellday looks like.

Nature returns to STAP

In 2014, the stem cell research community was rocked by controversy surrounding a new method to make pluripotent stem cells called STAP.  Many stem cell scientists found that they couldn't repeat the method in their own laboratories and this led to many questioning whether the phenomenon was real or not.

EuroStemCell - Job Opportunities

EuroStemCell is an EU-funded communication and engagement project that aims to help non-specialists make sense of stem cells. We currently have two job vacancies available. Applications are accepted until 14th October 2015.

Arts & Science: out and about at night in Leiden

After spending a fantastic week at the Hydra XI Summer School where I learned so much about stem cells and was inspired by the public engagement sessions, I was keen to share my knowledge and passion about this scientific field with visitors to the Night of Arts & Science Festival in Leiden, the Netherlands.

EuroStemCell factsheets reworked

How do you get people to come to your public event and how do you ensure that they get the most out of the event? Pondering that question, we came up with a new way to use the EuroStemCell fact sheets – we turned them into an exhibition.

Learning to build a heart from the cells up

Perhaps it’s no surprise that cells are very diverse in their shapes and functions. Even stem cells have diverse needs and environmental conditions depending on what types of cells they make in the body. This diversity can make studying some stem cells particularly difficult, such as cardiovascular/heart stem cells

CRISPR - changing the gene editing landscape

In the last few years, the scientific community has seen rapid development of a new and ‘game-changing’ technology called CRISPR/Cas9. But what is CRISPR? How is it is being used by stem cell researchers? And why has it sparked debate? In this post, Dong Liu (PhD student at MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine) describes a technology that is altering the pace and possibilities of stem cell research.

Autism research using mini-organs grown from patient derived stem cells

Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder whose causes are not fully understood. Recent work by scientists at Yale University has shown that organoids – miniature three-dimensional organ buds – grown from stem cells could help shed some light on autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

New UK report on opportunities and challenges of regenerative medicine

A new report looks at how UK institutions and agencies are 'readying' themselves for the opportunities and challenges of regenerative medicine. Produced by the ESRC-funded REGenableMED project, it covers key developments in the UK regenerative medicine policy sector, the challenges faced, and some of the responses to those challenges.

A stem cell adventure

The comic book “A Stem Cell Adventure” (in Portuguese: “Uma Aventura Estaminal”) is part of a science communication project about stem cell research, involving several scientists at the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

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