Staminalia: stem cells on stage

The play Staminalia: A Dream and a Trial, which premiered at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon last month, explores the personal and political dimensions of stem cell research through drama and dance.

Written and directed by Valeria Patera, Staminalia is inspired by the book "Staminalia. Le cellule etiche e i nemici della ricerca" by Armando Massarenti.  The play was also inspired by prominent Italian scientist Elena Cattaneo, and goes beyond the science of stem cells to tell "the story of a stem cell researcher and a mother who sees ethical and political limitations impacting not only into her scientific freedom, but also into her private life."

Read more about the production and view a trailer and excerpt on the ESTOOLS website
Read a review of Staminalia by Giuseppe Testa (Nature 465, 1012; 2010 |doi:10.1038/4651012a)
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All images shown below from the Lisbon performance of Staminalia. © davide d'ortona All rights reserved.