COVID-19: #ResponsiveResearch video series

In this video series from EuroStemCell partner the Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, researchers reveal in short personal interviews how they are adapting their research to investigate COVID-19.

Dr Maria Colzani is working with colleagues on a collaborative project to investigate heart tissue damage seen in coronavirus patients.

Dr Fernando Calero and Dr Nicole Mende talk about their work using genomic techniques to study Covid-19 patient samples.

The Ghevaert Group describe how they refocused work producing platelets and megakaryocytes to study thrombosis (dangerous blood clotting) in coronavirus patients.

Dr Adam Young describes how his team are exploring similarities between the coronavirus and the measles, mumps and rubella viruses and their long-standing vaccines.

Dr Fotios Sampaziotis shares work on stem-cell derived bile duct 'organoids' which could provide a mechanism to study virus uptake and screen drugs to fight the pandemic.