Sandra Blanco

Sandra Blanco portrait

Sandra did her postdoc in the laboratory of Dr. Michaela Frye, at the Wellcome Trust - MRC Stem Cell Institute - University of Cambridge (UK), studying different aspects of stem cell biology and RNA biology. She studied the role of RNA m5C-mehyltation in stem cell functions and its impact on neuro-developmental disorders and in cancer. Her projects were supported by Ramón Areces and EMBO postdoctoral fellowships. Then she moved to CIC bioGUNE in Spain as a Ramón y Cajal junior investigator. Now she is establishing her group as a CSIC junior PI at the Cancer Research Centre in Spain, studying the role of post-transcriptional modifications in cancer and cancer-initiating cells. She combines her interest in science with volunteering as a translator for EuroStemCell and on the organising committee for Cayso (Cancer and society) association.