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Regenerate LogoColourful interactive resources for use in the classroom together with teachers notes. The resources form part of a kit that is being distributed to biology teachers in Scotland as part of  the Regenerate! project, generously funded by The Wellcome Trust

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Enhance your lessons about stem cells with this group of resources designed for science festivals and adapted for the classroom. The set contains three fun, interactive activities that can be adapted for different ages and abilities from 11 year olds upwards. Use to introduce or consolidate stem cell concepts either as a whole class or as group activities.

Concept posters

Colourful cartoons that provoke thought and discussion about basic stem cell concepts: Where do we find stem cells? and Who has stem cells? The approach is based on the successful Concept Cartoons® model.

Start as a stem cell

A game for 1-6 players, introducing the idea that cells differentiate to produce mature cells, and the type of cell produced depends on the signals the cell receives. Accompanied by detailled teachers' notes and game instructions. See a video demonstration of the game below.

Where are my stem cells?

Stick the organs and pictures onto your own body outline to learn about where stem cells are found. This activity aims to counter the common misconception that stem cells can only be found in the embryo. It also reinforces learning about the locations of organs in the human body and the way in which organs are built up from cells and tissues. Accompanied by detailed teachers' notes and game instructions. See below a video demonstrating the game.

Concept Posters465.36 Ko Start as a stem cell1.23 Mo Where are my stem cells?4.65 Mo

Developed for EuroSyStem by Dr Cathy Southworth with graphic images by Jim and Lindsey Southworth. For further information contact

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