EuroStemCell toolkit

A growing set of downloadable, mix-and-match stem cell resources and activities suitable for a variety of educational settings. All components have been extensively tested, and come with full instructions.

Available in several European languages.

Schools pack now available in print

Our All about stem cells activity pack is now available to order in print!

Suitable for use with 16+ year olds, the pack contains a set of activity cards, an activity guide with lesson plan and a question card for students. Read on to find out more about the materials and how to order.




Stem cell toolkit gets a facelift

Our toolkit of downloadable stem cell resources and activities has been growing so fast it's getting hard to keep up with all the new additions. We launched with just five tools, but that number has since grown to 13 tools for teaching and talking about stem cells, in the classroom, science centre, open day, festival and other educational settings. 

We've had great feedback from teachers and others from around Europe:

“[The] toolkit web page ... is very easy to use. Everything appeals to me: not only the “surface”, icons and links, but also the contents are very useful and interesting.” Teacher, Italy


How do you teach stem cells?

On Monday 4 June from 8-9pm (UK time) we're hosting an #asechat on how to teach stem cells, on Twitter. It's a topic we've thought a lot about, as we've developed, tested and refined a whole suite of tools and resources to support anyone interested in teaching stem cells. We're really looking forward to the discussion!

What is #asechat?

#asechat is a weekly online science education discussion group organized by the Association for Science Education. The discussion is conducted via Twitter. #asechat takes place on Monday evenings from 8.00-9.00pm (UK time). Everyone is welcome. 

400 attend Stem Cell Dream at Bergamo Scienza

Stem Cell Dream: From Reality to Dreams was staged during Bergamo Scienza on October 8 2011 at the Teatro Sociale at 11:30 AM in Bergamo, Italy. 

This dialogue based event tackled the real issues in stem cell research. Can iPS cells – ‘hot stuff’ for researchers as it is one of the latest major breakthroughs in stem cell science – be used to treat degenerative diseases like Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and those that effect the skin and eyes? Can we develop safe treatments now? More than 400 people attended this interactive event where the audience posed questions to the panel and voiced their opinion through voting on a variety of statements relating to stem cell research.

Stem cell toolkit - downloadable resources and activities

The first components of the EuroStemCell toolkit - downloadable stem cell activities and resources for a variety of audiences and settings - are now available on our Toolkit page.

All tools have been piloted, come with full instructions and downloads, and can be customized to suit your audience and requirements.

Hear the scientists of tomorrow debate the biomedical issues of today

The 2011 Debating Science Issues All- Ireland Finals will be held Thursday, April 14th at the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin. The Finals, co-ordinated by the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) at the National University of Ireland in Galway, will see four teams of secondary school students representing the provinces of Connacht, Ulster, Leinster and Munster.

Famiglie cellulari

Questo gioco è stato progettato per essere usato con ragazzi di 12-14 anni, come parte di una discussione sui diversi tipi di cellule staminali. Il gioco introduce agli studenti i concetti di multipotenza delle cellule staminali adulte e di pluripotenza delle cellule staminali embrionali.

Cell families

Cell Families gives you an unusual, fun and effective way to introduce 12-14 year olds to types of stem cells and their properties. Players collect families of cards, each family containing a stem cell and examples of the types of specialised cells it can make. The game ilustrates the role of tissue stem cells in our bodies, and introduces the concepts of multipotency in tissue stem cells, and pluripotency in embryonic stem cells.Cell Families was developed as a component of the full lesson plan Discover stem cells, available to download from EuroStemCell's Stem Cell Toolkit.

Also available online in Italian.

Print pack of cards
You can now order a print pack of Cell Families cards (English only) to use either as part of our Discover stem cells lesson or as a stand-alone quick activity. Up to four players compete to collect families of cells, made up of one stem cell and three specialised cells it can produce. A great way to introduce tissue and embyronic stem cells, their roles and properties.

Order  your pack for just £5 or a class set for £20 on the University of Edinburgh website

Tutto sulle cellule staminali

Una risorsa flessibile a disposizione degli studenti di età superiore ai 16 anni, comprendente schede colorate, semplici fogli di lavoro e un questionario. La versione inglese di questa risorsa comprende anche una guida per gli insegnanti oltre a schede per ragazzi tra gli 11 e i 14 anni.

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