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Australian screenings of stem cell film spark school students' imagination

During October, over 450 Australian high school students and their teachers attending five screenings of the award-winning documentary Stem Cell Revolutions in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, organised by Stem Cells Australia and EuroStemCell.

At each screening, students had the opportunity to have their questions about stem cells and careers in science answered by Clare Blackburn, EuroStemCell's project coordinator and co-producer of the film, as well as a panel of local stem cell experts.

Elena Cattaneo is Stem Cell Person of the Year!

Many congratulations to our partner, Dr Elena Cattaneo, who is the winner of the 2013 Stem Cell Person of the Year Award run by Dr Paul Knoepfler via his well-known blog. We know Elena not only as a leading scientist, but also as a very active, fantastically energetic and supportive collaborator in public engagement with stem cell research. She's also recently become a senator. All in all, a great choice for Stem Cell Person of the Year! 

Stem cells - the future, le futur, die Zukunft, il futuro, nasza przyszłość, el futuro

We're excited to announce that our short film, Stem cells - the future: an introduction to iPS cells, is now available in six languages and with a supporting quiz for the classroom. You can now order a DVD or view the film online and download the quiz, all in your language.





Science and storytelling: Brave New Words event

Last Wednesday, a large, friendly audience of scientists, writers and science communicators gathered in Edinburgh to celebrate EuroStemCell’s recent writing competition by launching a booklet of winning entries, and listening to stunning readings from Ariadne Cass-Maran and Rachel McCrum. Chaired by Emily Dodd, a writer panel made up of Ken MacLeod, Pippa Goldschmidt, Mhairi Stewart and Barbara Melville discussed the interplay between words and science. One audience member was so impressed with the panel's thoughts she wanted to 'eat their brains'!  Barbara Melville tells us more about the discussion.

Stem Cell Awareness Day 2013

October 2 marked Stem Cell Awareness Day this year. Co-ordinated by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, it's "a day to celebrate the scientific advances made to-date and be hopeful of what is yet to come".

Brave New Words: a celebration of words and science

In our recent stem cell non-fiction writing competition, authors told their stories about stem cell science using imaginative writing, poetry and graphic non-fiction. On 23rd October, we'll be celebrating the winning entries and exploring how science and the written word meet. Our Brave New Worlds event in Edinburgh brings together an exciting panel of authors and scientists to get our discussion going. You can sign up for a free place on the event website, or read on to find out more about the panel and some of the things we might discuss. If you can't make it to Edinburgh, join in on Twitter - follow @eurostemcell.

Interview with Connie Eaves: blood stem cells in development and disease

Dr. Connie Eaves was a co-founder of the Terry Fox Laboratory in 1981, and has served both as its Deputy Director and Director. During her PhD studies in the late 1960’s, she discovered that two groups of cells contribute to the generation of antibody responses, heralding the subsequent recognition of two important types of immune cells: B and T cells.  She has since contributed many seminal advances to our understanding of stem cells involved in blood formation and how they work in both health and disease.  Over the last decade, she has also become an expert in breast stem cells. She has published more than 440 papers and received numerous scholarships and awards over the course of her career and is also a major protagonist of excellence in training.

Medical doctor and PhD student Jessica Schreiter talked to Connie to find about her career, what motivates her and what advice she has for young scientists today.

Debating Science Issues 2014 kicks off

REDDSTAR, an EU project co-ordinated by NUI Galway, has partnered with eight other collaborators to deliver the All-Ireland schools’ science debate competition, Debating Science Issues, DSI. Now in its seventh year, Part of the EuroStemCell toolkit, DSI involves a workshop series and debate competition and involves 36 schools across the island of Ireland.  


Renowned experts offer advice on generating human induced pluripotent stem cell banks

Procedures for production of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells for use in therapy are reaching the point at which they will be suitable for use in clinical trials.
A team of internationally renowned scientists led by the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine’s Emeritus Professor Sir Ian Wilmut have today published an opinion piece in the journal CellStemCell, arguing that while in the future it might be possible to derive iPS cell lines on an individual basis – so that a patient would receive his or her own cells as a treatment – it seems unlikely that these will be used as a source for large numbers of patients in the near future due to time and cost restraints.

Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide - book review

At the very beginning of Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide, Dr Paul Knoepfler promises us that “In the end, you will truly be in the know about stem cells” and he does not disappoint. He takes us on a tour through the world of stem cells, including the basics of what constitutes a stem cell and the different types of stem cells; he explains what happens in a stem cell laboratory and delves into the potential, limitations and ethical challenges posed by stem cell treatments.

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