400 attend Stem Cell Dream at Bergamo Scienza

Stem Cell Dream: From Reality to Dreams was staged during Bergamo Scienza on October 8 2011 at the Teatro Sociale at 11:30 AM in Bergamo, Italy. 

This dialogue based event tackled the real issues in stem cell research. Can iPS cells – ‘hot stuff’ for researchers as it is one of the latest major breakthroughs in stem cell science – be used to treat degenerative diseases like Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and those that effect the skin and eyes? Can we develop safe treatments now? More than 400 people attended this interactive event where the audience posed questions to the panel and voiced their opinion through voting on a variety of statements relating to stem cell research.

After a welcome by Danielle Nicholson, Outreach Officer, Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI), National University of Ireland Galway and EuroStemCell, distinguished speakers included Elena Cattaneo, UNIMI, Director, Centre for Stem Cell Research Department of Pharmacological Sciences;and Martino Introna, Head Scientific Program, Laboratorio di Terapia Cellulare e Genica “G. Lanzani”, Bergamo.  The event facilitator was  Mario Pappagallo science journalist from Corriere della Sera.

The Stem Cell Dream event aims to create a space for dialogue, information, reflection and decision-making on the issue of moving stem cells into the clinic. The set up encouraged the public to engage with complex, controversial scientific issues in an entertaining and public-friendly manner.

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