Cathy Southworth

Cathy Southworth Portrait

MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Public Engagement manager INTENS, Community Science Engagement Project Manager, Course Organiser MSc Science Communication and Public Engagement.

Science Communication and public engagement became my interest after a PhD in Genetics and an early career in teaching. Combining expertise in science education and a passion for science I enjoy exploring and developing creative ways of connecting people with science, facilitating and training scientists for public engagement and developing public engagement strategy. Since 2010 many of my projects have been around the inspirational science of stem cells, working as Science Communicator and Engagement Manager for EC funded projects: HumEn, ThymistemOptistem and Eurosystem. My interpretation and communication of the work has been in many forms such as comicfilm, and origami. From 2012 I’ve also enjoyed translating what I do into an experiential Masters course on the theme of science education as part of the MSc Science Communication and public Engagement here at Edinburgh University.