David Hay

David Hay portrait

Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Dr David Hay is a Principal Investigator at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Regenerative Medicine. David has worked in the field of pluripotent stem cell biology and hepatic endoderm derivation over the last decade. He was the first to highlight the important role that cell physiology plays in this process, allowing the generation of efficient and scalable models of hepatic endoderm that display appropriate human function.  The impact of this work has led to a number of publications, grant applications and regular appearances at high profile conferences in Europe and the USA.

The generation of high-purity stem cell derived liver cultures has enabled scientists to model human drug toxicity and disease. The provision of efficient models has also permitted scalable stem cell derivative manufacturing. This has the potential to provide cells for use in predictive toxicology and bio-artificial liver construction. In addition to research experience, David has served as an editor and reviewer of peer-reviewed journals in stem cell and cellular differentiation biology.