Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis portrait

Centre of Human and Aerospace Physiological Sciences (CHAPS), King’s College, London, UK

Post-doctoral Researcher in Vascular Associated and Skeletal Muscle Stem Cell Biology

Fiona's research to date has focused on the biology of both embryonic and adult stem cells and their interaction with biomaterials. Specifically this has involved identifying and characterising novel stem cell populations from both human and pig, validating effective strategies for isolation of stem cell populations from primary tissue and developing a non-viral, microRNA mediated approach for the reprogramming of human somatic cells. Her current focus is the identification of growth factors and cytokines responsible for directing the fate of skeletal muscle stem cells and developing effective skeletal muscle regenerative therapies based on stem cell mobilisation or replacement. She has a PhD in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine from the University of Liverpool.