Regulation of stem cell research in the Czech Republic

Embryonic stem cell research is permitted. Reproductive cloning is banned.

Current legal position

The Act on Research on Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Related Activities 2006 regulates stem cell research in the Czech Republic. Embryonic stem cell research may be conducted on embryonic stem cell (ES cell) lines that have been imported into the country or derived from surplus IVF embryos not older than seven days. Donor informed consent is required. Embryonic stem cell research is permitted if it is proved that the research will advance scientific or medical knowledge, lead to the development of new treatments or cures for serious diseases and in situations where the expected scientific benefits cannot be reached by other methods. Reproductive cloning is banned. The act lists a series of criminal penalties for any breach of its provisions.

Ethical and regulatory oversight

The government monitors all stem cell research projects, and a licence must be first obtained from the government to conduct research using embryos. 

The Bioethics Committee of the Czech Research and Development Council was set up in 1997 to advise and issue opinions on aspects of research and development projects that relate to scientific and medical science and their consequences for human health and society, including all projects related to stem cell research and assisted reproduction.

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