Regulation of stem cell research in Bulgaria

Embryonic stem cells can be derived legally from surplus embryos donated following IVF treatment.

Current legal position

Human embryonic stem cell research and the derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines is not directly regulated by Bulgarian legislation, but falls partially within the scope of the Bulgarian Health Act (promulgated SG No. 70/10 August  2004, into force from 1 January 2005). According to the act, surplus embryos donated following IVF treatment can be used for research purposes, subject to the informed consent of the donor(s).  The reproductive cloning of people is prohibited, including that for the purposes of donating organs, tissues and cells.

The Law on Transplantation of Organs, Tissues, and Cells (promulgated SG No. 83/19 September 2003, into force 1 January 2004) regulates the use, collection and storage (including biobanks) of all cells, organs and human tissue in Bulgaria.

Ethical and regulatory oversight

Medical research on human subjects is mainly overseen by the Bulgarian Central Ethics Commission (CEC), which is accountable to the Ministry of Health. It gives opinions on ethical issues in relation to clinical trials and medicinal products. There are also Local Ethics Committees (LECs), which are independent bodies at individual hospitals and report to the CEC annually. The remit of the CEC and LECs extends to giving ethical opinions, but not to accepting or rejecting applications. The opinion is given to the institution requesting it: the Minister of Health, the Specialized Committee for Approval of Conducting Clinical Trials, or the Bulgarian Drug Agency. These bodies have the authority to reject the application on ethical grounds.

The ethics committees of individual institutions provide ethical review of research projects seeking funding from the National Science Fund or local funding bodies, and are monitored by the Central Committee on Research Ethics at the Ministry of Education and Sciences. For example, the Ethics Committee on Medical Research of the Medical University (Sofia) provides independent advice on ethical aspects of medical research performed at that university.

The Executive Agency for Transplantation controls and co-ordinates activities related to transplantations carried out at medical institutions.

The Bulgarian Centre for Bioethics is a non-governmental organization that addresses bioethics problems on a national and international level, but does not have a formal status.

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