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Patient organizations & information

General information for patients, their families and caregivers

Alzheimer's Disease

Motor Neuron Disease

Also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. See our fact sheet on motor neurone disease and stem cells.

Multiple Sclerosis

See our fact sheet on multiple sclerosis and stem cells.

Muscular Dystrophies

See our fact sheet on muscular dystrophy and stem cells.

Parkinson's Disease

See our fact sheet on Parkinson's disease and stem cells.

Spinal Cord Injuries

See our fact sheet on stem cells and spinal cord injuries


Type 1 Diabetes

See our fact sheet on type 1 diabetes and stem cells.

Other information for patients

Stem cell organizations, networks and consortia

Links to stem cell organizations, networks and consortia around the globe.

International stem cell organizations

ISSCR - International Society for Stem Celli Research
ICSCN - International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks

SSSCR - Student Society for Stem Cell Research
Genetics Policy Institute - nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a positive legal framework to advance stem cell research.

European stem cell organizations, networks and consortia

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  1. Research consortia
  2. National and regional stem cell networks
  3. Other relevant organizations

Research consortia (FP6/FP7)

BEST stem cells
EU Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry
EuroStemCell (FP6 research consortium, 2004-2008) 
REMEDiE: Regenerative Medicine in Europe

National and regional stem cell networks


LABEX Revive


German Stem Cell Network
German Society of Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Network North Rhine Westphalia


Norwegian Stem Cell Center


Swiss Stem Cell Network
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine National Research Programme (NRP63)

United Kingdom

Scottish Stem Cell Network
East of England Stem Cell Network (EESCN)
North East England Stem Cell Institute
London Regenerative Medicine Network
UK National Stem Cell Network - archive website, as the UKSCN ceased operation in 2011

Other relevant organizations

The Mason Institute, based at the University of Edinburgh, serves as an interdisciplinary research hub aimed at investigating the ethical, legal, social and political implications and impacts of new technologies and practices in medicine and the life sciences.

North American stem cell networks

Stem Cell Network Canada
Canadian Stem Cell Foundation

Stem cell resources - reference & public opinion

Online reference resources for teachers, students and others interested in finding out more about stem cells. For more detailed resource listings, check out our searchable catalogue of stem cell resources.

Public opinion on stem cell research and regenerative medicine

The Public, Political Parties, and Stem-Cell Research
Article in the New England Journal of Medicine analysing public attitudes to embryonic stem cell research in the US and in Europe.
N Engl J Med 2011; 365:1853-1856

US attitudes towards human embryonic stem cell research
Article in Nature Biotechnology based on 2009 survey data (subscription required).
Nature Biotechnology 29 484–488 (2011) doi:10.1038/nbt.1891

Europeans and Biotechnology in 2010 - Winds of change?
Includes a section on regenerative medicine. The seventh in a series of surveys of public perceptions of the Life Sciences and Biotechnology. Conducted in February 2010, published October 2010.

Download full report (PDF file, 1478KB)



Stem cell dialogue
The largest ever public and stakeholder dialogue on stem cell research in the UK, commissioned by the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Biotechnology and Biological Research Council (BBSRC).  Dialogue activities took place in summer 2008 and over 200 members of the public took part in workshops which ran simultaneously in London, Cardiff, Bristol Newcastle and Edinburgh. In addition, nearly fifty stakeholders were interviewed from fields such as science, medicine, industry, ethics and religion.  The report was released in December 2008, and findings are summarised on the MRC website.



Eurobarometer - Europeans and Biotechnology in 2005: Patterns and Trends
This report, the sixth in a series on attitudes to biotechnology, is based on a representative sample of 25,000 respondents - approximately 1,000 in each EU Member State.  It covers a variety of biotechnology issues, including stem cell research.
Download executive summary (5 pages, PDF file, 33KB)
Download full report (PDF file, 610KB)

Reference materials

EuroStemCell site glossary
Online glossary of words and phrases commonly used in stem cell research.

All Things Stem Cell visual glossary
Online glossary of terms used in stem cell research, with accompanying images and diagrams to help explain the concepts. Produced by Teisha Rowland, a PhD Graduate Student in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.



Understanding Stem Cells
An educational primer by the US National Academies "designed to provide basic knowledge to facilitate thinking about and understanding the scientific and ethical issues surrounding stem cells."




Poster on pluripotent cell isolation for regenerative medicine
This poster, available as a PDF download from Nature Reviews Molecular Biology, compares and contrasts the properties of pluripotent embryonic stem cells with those of laboratory-generated pluripotent cells. See also the accompanying glossary.


Stem cell blogs and news sites

News and discussion on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas, provided by the Progress Educational Trust

Cancer stem cell news
A blog of news items related to cancer stem cells, with an emphasis on recent research and articles that are openly accessible.  Edited by Jim Till, member of the Board of Directors of the Cancer Stem Cell Consortium (CSCC), based in Ottawa, Canada.

CIRM Research Results
Research-oriented blog from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Knoepfler lab stem cell blog
Regularly updated blog by stem cell scientist Paul Knoepfler, Associate Professor in Cell Biology and Human Anatomy at the UC Davis School of Medicine.

Signals blog
Insiders’ perspectives on the world of regenerative medicine and stem cell research, written by scientists and professionals in the field. A partnership between two of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence, the Stem Cell Network and the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine. 

Stem Cell Treatment Monitor
"a skeptics' guide to stem cell pseudomedicine" by Doug Sipp

The Niche 
A blog hosted by