Schnittstelle der Stammzellforschung in Europa

Wir möchten den Bürgern Europas helfen, die Bedeutung von Stammzellen zu verstehen.  Wir bieten zuverlässige, unabhängige Informationen und erprobtes Schulungsmaterial über Stammzellen und ihre gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen. Finanziert werden wir von der Europäischen Kommission.

Im Blickpunkt

Dutch comic and 100-year anniversary celebrations

Het Hubrecht Instituut viert zijn 100-jarig bestaan deze maand, en de EuroStemCell-comic 'Hoop voorbij de hype' is nu ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar.

The Hubrecht Institute is celebrating 100 years this month, and EuroStemCell’s comic 'Hope Beyond Hype' is now available in Dutch.

ISSCR releases New Global Guidelines for Stem Cell Research

New global guidelines for stem cell research and translation outline best practices and demand rigor, oversight, and transparency. Guidance addresses key scientific, ethical, social, and policy challenges raised by new technologies and emerging areas of stem cell discovery and application.

Unlocking Nature’s Secrets for Building the Human Brain

Many people consider the human brain to be the most complex biological structure in the world. So that raises the question, is building the brain the most complex process in the world? It may well be, but researchers are making progress mimicking the earliest steps of building the brain in a lab dish.

For the first time in Germany: UniStem Day

Stefanie Mahler, head of communications at the German Stem Cell Network, reflects on their experience of getting involved with the Europe-wide stem cell outreach initiative, UniStem Day, for the first time.

Thymistem celebrates Day of Immunology 2016

The thymus is a little known organ, something that Maria Antica, Thymistem scientist, knew well when chatting with her friends and family in Croatia. A desire to change this led to her translating ‘My amazing Immune System’ into her native language. Last Friday on The Day of Immunology her hard work culminated in the book’s launch. We hear from Maria why she felt the translation was important for her country and the unfolding events of the two day celebration.

Comic über Stammzellen

Hope Beyond Hype comic cover


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