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Nous sommes là pour aider les citoyens d'Europe à comprendre les cellules souches.  Nous proposons des informations fiables et indépendantes, des ressources éducatives sur les cellules souches et leur impact sur la société. Nous sommes fondés par la Commission européenne.


#MyView - Film & Social Media Campaign

Philippa Russell, Public Engagement Officer at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, introduces the insitute's new campaign to raise awareness about stem cell research on blood cancer, myelin repair and brain repair.

Huntington’s disease: how could stem cells help?

Dernière mise à jour:
30 Juin 2016

Huntington’s disease is a devastating, hereditary neurodegenerative disease affecting about 5 out of every 100,000 people in the USA, Europe and Australia. It typically causes involuntary movements of the face and body and dementia. Symptoms worsen over time, eventually leaving the affected person totally dependent on help from others. There are no effective therapies available today. How might stem cell research lead to new treatments?

Unfolding Organogenesis

Through organ origami and paper hearts, Karen Jent reflects on the event, Unfolding Organogenesis, at this year's Edinburgh International Science Festival. 

Rebooting the immune system: Blood stem cells in multiple sclerosis therapy

As part of an international clinical trial, researchers at the Sheffield Teaching Hospital recently reported interesting developments in multiple sclerosis therapy. Using the patients’ own blood stem cells, the scientists were able to reboot their immune system, therefore preventing autoreactive immune cells from further attacks on their fragile nervous system.

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